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Name Description Initial Stock Cost Category Warehouse
ID Name Description Stock Cost Category Warehouse
5 Large Battery 30kWh full day of avg household use 24 900 Battery Portland
6 Small Battery 1kWh 50 120 Battery Austin
8 Medium Battery 12kWh, enough for a house to get through the night. 48 600 Battery New Orleans
1 Standard cable Used in many systems to connect various parts. 300 20.99 Cable Portland
4 High voltage cable Rated for 240v 30 25.99 Cable Portland
7 Water Wheel Turbine Generates power when placed in running water 16 800 Generator Portland
9 RV Solar Mount Mounting system for RVs and large vans. 120 90 Roof Mount Cincinnati
10 Home Solar Mount Large Mounts a large solar panel to a roof 120 110 Roof Mount Cincinnati
11 Home Solar Mount Small Mounts a small solar panel to a home roof 180 80 Roof Mount Cincinnati
2 Small solar panel Solar Panel for small houses or RVs 50 15.97 Solar Panel Portland
3 Large solar panel Solar panel for houses and businesses 50 100 Solar Panel Portland

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